Boxycharm – BoxyLuxe – BoxyLimited: Skincare Review

BoxyCharm is an affordable and popular beauty subscription box that ships to Canada. For $21 USD per month, Boxy Charm offers 4-5 full-size makeup products with a retail value of $100+ per box. The quality of the makeup ranges from popular name brands in addition to independently owned companies. Like Ipsy, the products vary each month and can include the essentials that every woman needs in their bag along with tools, skincare and hair products.

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What is Boxy Charm?

BoxyCharm is a US based company offering a monthly beauty subscription service. The initial cost is $21 however they offer a prepaid model giving you a discount when you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.

How is Boxy Charm Different from Other Beauty Boxes?

The most significant difference between Boxy Charm and other makeup subscription services is that they guarantee 4-5 full-size products. No samples! The products vary from indie to well-known brands including Elemis, Ofra, Appeal, Luxie and Butter London (just to name a few).

How Much Does BoxyCharm Cost?

BoxyCharm starts at $19.25 per month up to $21. Prices are in USD. There is a $5 USD shipping and handling charge for Canadian subscribers.

How much does boxycharm cost?

Do I need to subscribe every month?

No. You can place a hold on the next month’s box by logging into your BoxyCharm account. This needs to be done before the first of each month in order to avoid the next billing cycle. Please note, if you cancel your subscription, you will lose all of your charms in the Charms Rewards program.

What’s in a BoxyCharm Box?

The BoxyCharm Box delivers 4-5 full-size products on a monthly delivery service. The boxes are valued at $100-$150 (depending on the month).

Boxycharm Makeup ReviewWhat is a BoxyLuxe Box?

BoxyLuxe is BoxyCharm’s luxury beauty box with a value of $250+ in top-end products. The box is roughly 4 x the size of the original BoxyCharm and includes lifestyle, makeup, skincare and hair products. The cost is considerably more than the original, $28.99 + the cost of Boxy Charm. Total cost works out to $50 USD plus $8 for shipping.

Get a Boxyluxe Subscription BoxBoxyLimited: SkinCare

BoxyLimited Skincare BoxThe Boxy Limited Skincare box is just that – limited! It’s not always available for purchase and you will need to sign up in order to be put on the list. The box is filled with multiple skincare products from facial masks, moisturizers, night creams, cleansing oils – the list goes on. The box comes with 8 full-size products.

The limited boxes are available to annual members 24 hours before the box goes on sale for monthly subscribers.

As we said previously – it’s a limited edition which means they only have so many available. Once the boxes are sold out – that’s it until the next round.

BoxyCharms Rewards Program

The BoxyCharms Rewards program is a unique membership only program. Existing customers can earn rewards by reviewing products on the BoxyCharms website or by referring new customers. The points do not have a cash value but instead allow you to redeem them for free products.

You will receive 50 charms for each product review you submit to BoxyCharm and an additional 500 charms for each friend you refer. Your charms do not expire, however, if you cancel your membership you forfeit your charms balance.

To redeem your charms or see how many charms you have in your account, click on the Charms rewards button within the “My Account” section.

1000 charms earns you $10 off towards a product.

Boxy Charm Coupon / Referral Codes

Boxy Charm coupon codes are available and they provide you with freebies on top of the original box.

Which is Better – BoxyCharm vs. Ipsy?

This is entirely a subjective topic.  Boxy Charm offers 4-5 full products while Ipsy is more or less 2 full-size products and the rest are samples – but Boxy Charm is the double the cost of Ipsy. Does that make it better or worse? You decide. I like both. My daughter prefers the Ipsy glam bag (probably for the cute makeup bags), but both have their own benefits.

If you’re on a strict budget, I would recommend Ipsy, only because its $10 USD which is equal to $13 in Canada (after exchange). If you’re looking for products you can continue to use for months on end – then Boxy Charm is the way to go.

Does Boxy Charm Ship to Canada?

Yes, BoxyCharm is available to Canadians and ships to Canada. They do charge a $5 shipping fee for the regular BoxyCharm box and $8 for the BoxyLuxe box. Your monthly subscription is billed on the 1stof each month and boxes are shipped within 5-10 days after the billing period. Depending on where you live in Canada, your box might reach you around the 3rdor 4thweek of each month.

Downloading the Boxy Charm App

Boxy Charm doesn’t actually have an app, however, the site is mobile responsive and works.

Payment Methods in Canada

BoxyCharm accepts all major Canadian debit and credit cards.

Who Owns BoxyCharm

Entrepreneur, Yosef “Joe” Martin started the BoxyCharm subscription company in 2013 after building a successful merchandise liquidation company. The company uses focus groups to decide which products are most likely going to be successful. Martin is one of the few CEO’s that takes his company one step futher by providing a face behind the product. Each and every month, Martin does preview video on Instagram showcasing that month’s newest release.

What About BoxyCharm Complaints?

Whether its Boxycharm, Ipsy or even food boxes like Hello Fresh, there will always be someone that complains. You can’t make everyone happy! They do however strive to provide the best service possible and when customers cancel their subscription, they send a survey to find out why. According to online reviews, Boxycharm has an low to average number of complaints. Nothing out of the ordinary with this company.

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