The Dollar Shave Club Review

The opened their doors in 2012 offering customers razors for $1 shipped monthly to their door. The initial concept was that the company could provide you with a better shave consistently because you would use a fresh blade more frequently if it was delivered.

The subscription box service was targeted towards men, but the box is certainly available for women too! This Dollar Shave Club reviews runs through the sign-up process, how the Dollar Shave Club works, cost, shipping and of course, answers the question, “Is the dollar shave club worth it?”

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How Does the Dollar Shave Club Work?

The entire process to sign up to the Dollar Shave Club is super easy and should take you less than 5 minutes. does not offer a free trial, so you will be required to purchase a razor. Pricing listed below.

5 easy steps to start your Dollar Shave Club subscription plan:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to sign up for a Dollar Shave Club subscription box.

  1. Click here to join the Dollar Shave Club

    Use this link to visit the Dollar Shave Club. You’ll need to use our promo code “XXX” to receive the discounted price.

  2. Select your razor plan

    Choose the style of razor you want. The “Executive” contains 6 blades, the “4X“contains 4 and they even have a double blade option dubbed “The Humble Twin”.

  3. Choose your add-ons

    The next screen will allow you to pick a few add-ons. Addons are regularly priced at $8 each, but new customers will pay $6 per add-on. Shipping is free if your add-on order is a minimum of $30. You can skip add-ons at any time by using the “Skip” button.

  4. Finishing setting up your account & billing details

    Finish creating your new account. The Dollar Shave Club will need your first and last name, email address and password. You’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions and can opt into the newsletters, where you’ll receive insight into ongoing deals and promotions.

  5. Use the Dollar Shave Club promo code

    You can enter our Dollar Shave Club promo code in the billing section. Using “XXXX” will give you “XXX”.

  6. Pay for your box!

    The next page is the billing section where you’ll be required to enter your mailing address and choose the payment method that best fits you. Unlike other subscription box services, the Dollar Shave Club accepts PayPal in addition to credit card payments.

How Much Does the Dollar Shave Club Cost?


# of Blades # of Cartridges Cost / Month
6 4 $9.50
4 4 $6.50
2 5 $3.50

Other Products

Product Cost / Month
Easy Shave Butter 170g $8
Post Shave Cream 100g $8
Mint & Cedarwood Body Cleanser 100g $8
Magic Repairing Serum (ingrown hairs) $8
Toiletry Bag $25
Hydrating Face Cleanser 88ml $7
Hydrating Hair & Scalp Shampoo 296ml $8
Hydrating Hair & Scalp Conditioner 296ml $8
Hydrating Body Cleanser 296ml $8
2-PK Hydrating Body Bars 141g each $8
2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner 296ml $6
2-in-1 Face & Body Wash 296ml $8

What About Us Ladies?

The Dollar Shave Club isn’t just for men. You don’t need a pink razor to get a close shave. Nor do you need some fancy packaging. The blades are meant for both men and women. In fact, more women have signed up to the Dollar Shave Club each year since 2016 than any other shaving club subscription service. Why? The price! The average woman’s razor costs $16.99 in Canada + HST. And that’s for a sample package where you get the handle and two cartridges. Add another $30 for refills.
Dollar Shave Club Women
Not just for men!
As a woman myself, I would suggest the Executive razor if you want that super close shave. It’s comparable to the Gillette Venus – but cheaper…way cheaper!!

Our Experience with the Dollar Shave Club

I can’t have a review page without actually placing an order and testing out the products, so here is my honest review of Dollar Shave Club. I ordered my first box on a Tuesday. It was delivered by Friday. The packaging was great and ironically included a “wedding” pamphlet geared towards men and their upcoming nuptials. I found this quite humorous, as we’re getting married in two months. Everything was packed neatly and the box had some interesting catchy play on word and puns.
Dollar Shave Club packaging
To start, I ordered the executive package along with the shaving butter and after shave lotion. I also ordered an extra handle since both my future husband and myself want to test the blades. Unfortunately, my order was short. I was missing the cartridges as well as the extra handle. I sent them an email immediately with a photo of the contents of the box (see above). In less than half an hour, Tatiana replied:
Tatiana, May 13, 12:02 PM PDT: Hey Cheryle, So sorry to hear that! That’s an error on our end. I’ve sent over a pack of Executive blades and handle immediately at no additional charge. It should arrive in 4-6 business days. Let me know if you have any more questions or issues, I’m happy to help. Thanks, Tatiana
I received the missing items the following Wednesday. One week for two shipments — that’s pretty good.

Quality – A 5 Star Rating

Just because its an inexpensive product doesn’t mean the product is cheap. Both of us were super impressed with the quality of the handle. It’s built better than most razor handles, including those that cost upwards of $30. It’s got a bit of weight to it which is nice.
Dollar Shave Club Razor Handle
The handle….
The razor blades are good and it’s definitely a close shave for sure. I don’t know how long they last, as we’re still in the testing phase. I will update this post once we’ve had to switch cartridges. I do like the shaving butter and after shave lotion. I’m super sensitive to smells. I often cringe when my other half hands me a men’s product as I’m always worried it’ll have that “Ax” smell. You know — that overpowering instant headache smell. Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. This was different. It’s subtle and fresh.

Dollar Shave Club FAQ

What if I don’t need blades every month?

If you don’t require a monthly deliver, you can sign up for the box that delivers every other month. To do this, log into your account and update the shipping requirements from within the “Accounts” section. You can also skip the next month’s shipment by clicking the skip button.

When will I receive my first shipment?

Once your payment has been processed, you can expect to receive your first box within 4-6 business days. Ours arrived on day 4 in Ontario.

What payment methods does the Dollar Shave Club accept?

Dollar Shave Club accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Dollar Shave Club gift cards.

How much is shipping?

There is a $6.00 fee for shipping. This fee is waived with a $30 purchase of additional grooming products (does not include razors).

Can I get free stuff from the Dollar Shave Club?

The Dollar Shave Club does not offer a trial / sample package. They do however offer a referral program. You can get $5 off your next order if you share the club with friends. Your friends will need to make a purchase to qualify for the $5 discount.

I shave my head. Can I use the Dollar Shave Club razors on my scalp?

Yes! The blades are for all hair removal. The site does recommend you purchase the “Executive” package, which contains 6-blades, as well as the Easy Shave Butter. The Easy Shave Butter will soften the hair allowing for a closer shave and fewer ingrown hairs. They also offer a Magic Repairing Oil to help prevent ingrown hairs and moisturize your scalp.

I need a new handle. Can I order just the handle but no cartridges?

Yes. Handles are available on the same page you would order your blades from. If you need it immediately, use the “Ship It Now” featured to receive it within a week.

Does the Dollar Shave Club have a refund or return policy?

Yes. The company has a 100% money-back guarantee.

Does the Dollar Shave Club have beard grooming products?

Yes. They offer a softening beard oil for $8.

Can women use the Dollar Shave Club blades?

Why not! You don’t have to be a man to use the razors from the Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club History

The Dollar Shave Club was founded by Michael Dublin and Mark Levine, both from Venice California. Their store went online in 2011 and within the first 48 hours, they receive 12,000 orders. They captivated their audience by launching a marketing campaign which went viral. The ad featured Dublin who asked the pivotal question “Are our blades any good?” to which he replied,
“No. Our blades are f**king great!”
Dollar Shave Club Campiagns
“Our blades are f**cking great”
In 2013, Dublin & Levine expanded their program to include a pre-shave product called Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter. Since then, they’ve expanded to include a line of shower products as well as a softening oil for beards.
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