Ipsy Glam Bag Review

The Ipsy Glam Bag is one of the most affordable beauty subscription boxes available in Canada. This monthly Glam Bag costs Canadians $20 a month and is filled with high-end and drugstore brand products. When you sign up for an Ipsy Glam Bag, you will receive everything from hair & skincare products as well as makeup and what’s more, its completely personalized to your tastes.

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How Ipsy Works

Ipsy is the perfect beauty subscription box for someone that wants to try new products without forking over major cash.

Let’s face it – makeup is expensive and unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a satisfaction guarantee. You can easily walk into Sephora or Shopper’s and spend well over $200, only to find out you hate the product.

With an Ipsy subscription, you will receive 5 different products ranging from sample to full size makeup, skincare or hair products plus a new makeup bag each month. This is the most efficient way of testing a line of makeup without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

To make sure that you’re receiving the products you want, Ipsy has designed a quick 2-minute quiz (IpsyMatch) which tailors the program to your needs.

The quiz includes questions like your hair and eye colour, skin tone, preferred colour palettes among others. It will then ask you what you’re most interested. As an example, they want to know whether you prefer eyeliner and if so, what colour.


Ipsy Cosmetic Brands
Brands available in the IpsyMatch Quiz…

Your answers will determine what’s in your bag but don’t necessarily guarantee that you will receive those products. Don’t worry though, the bag will always be an assortment of products and a complete surprise.


How Much Does Ipsy Cost in Canada?

Ipsy is an American company that ships to Canada, so unfortunately, the prices are in USD. That said, its still far more affordable than other fitness and beauty products (FabFitFun). In Canada, Ipsy costs $10, plus a $4.95 shipping fee. Once you convert it to Canadian dollars, its around $19.50 per month.

The base level subscription is the Glam Bag, but you do have the option to purchase the Glam Bag Plus.

The Glam Bag Plus is $25 USD with a monthly subscription and comes with 5 full size products with a retail value of $120 USD.


Is the Glam Bag Plus worth it?

You be the judge! Here’s an example of the products offered for the May Glam Bag Plus, along with the retail value. Members received 5 products from the list below.


Product Size Retailer Price
TOKYOMILK Lip Gloss 3g Tokyo Milk $30.00
MURAD Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum 0.5 fl oz Sephora $85.00
PURLISSE Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter 6 oz. Purlisse $24.00
ILLAMASQUA Lip Colouring Pencil Duo 2 pencils Illamasqua $30.00
GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask Pack of 3 Sephora $36.00
IL MAKIAGE Encore Volume & Water Resistant Mascara 12 ml Il Makiage $25.00
IL MAKIAGE Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara 12 ml Il Makiage $25.00
YENSA Tone Up Primer Essential Glow 1 oz Yensa $35.00
GO-TO Face Hero 30 ml Sephora $34.00
NUDESTIX Nudies Tinted Blur in Light 1 6.12g Sephora $33.00
NUDESTIX Nudies Tinted Blur in Light 3 6.12g Sephora $33.00
NUDESTIX Nudies Tinted Blur in Light 5 6.12g Sephora $33.00
NUDESTIX Nudies Tinted Blur in Light 7 6.12g Sephora $33.00
WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette 9.4g Sephora $30.00


Ipsy Points & Rewards

Ipsy provides a rewards program for regular subscribers. There’s no purchase necessary. To earn points, all you have to do is provide reviews or share on social media. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash them in for free products.  The selection is usually limited to 3 or 4 options, but it is 100% free.


How to Earn Ipsy Points

Refer a Friend: Ipsy will give you 250 points for each friend that joins Ipsy.com and signs up for a $10 Ipsy glam bag. Your friend will need to create their account within 24 hours of you sending them the link.

Follow Ipsy: Follow Ipsy on Twitter or Youtube and earn 10 points.

Product Reviews: You can earn 15 points for each product review you submit on the Ipsy site.

Full Glam Bag: An additional 10 points will go into your Ipsy rewards account when you review your Glam Bag.

You can view your points at any time by loggin into your account and selecting the “My Account” option and “Points”. Your points will expire 12 months from the date you received them.

The average product requires 600 points to receive it for free.


What we love about Ipsy


  • Its affordable. It’s an inexpensive option to test out different products. At a cost of $20 month, you receive 5 products. That’s the equivalent to purchasing one drugstore brand product.
  • IpsyMatch system. I love that they personalize the products you want to receive. This way you receive products based on your skin condition and tone, the correct colour pallets and more.
  • Free stuff. The rewards program is great because you can get free products just for leaving reviews.
  • High-end makeup that costs less. The add-ons are fairly inexpensive and if you compare the Ipsy price to the suggested retail price at Sephora or other high-end makeup lines, Ipsy is significantly cheaper.


What Ipsy could improve on


  • The makeup bags. I know this is a feature of the program, but really, how many makeup bags do we need. It feels wasteful to send a new one every month.
  • The Ipsy waitlist. I know this is a marketing gimmick, but I don’t like posting 3rdparty products on my personal Facebook page. If I wasn’t reviewing their products, I likely would have cancelled my order.


Ipsy Hacks… Is That Really a Thing?

There are quite a few people that search for Ipsy Hacks. The hack is a way to get a sneak peek on the upcoming glam bag prior to it shipping. It’s also a way to get more of what you want in your Glam Bag each month.

Let’s start by saying, there really isn’t an Ipsy hack persay, its more about how you complete your profile that allows you to receive the products you want.

If we had to use the term hack, I suppose our number one Ipsy.com hack would be for you to be specific. That’s it!

When you take your beauty quiz, don’t choose every single brand. Don’t select every single makeup product or colour pallets. Otherwise, you will receive a bunch of random items and likely miss out on that one product you want, like mascara or a lip gloss.

Another thing to note, your selections do not guarantee that you will receive what you requested. It’s to give Ipsy.com an idea of what you’re interested in. If Ipsy has an abundance of eye pencils next month, you could very well receive this. It all depends on supply and demand.


How to Cancel My Ipsy Subscription

You can cancel your Ipsy subscripton at any time but you will need to cancel before 12pm PT on the last day of each month. Otherwise, you will run into a new billing cycle. If you prefer, you are welcome to pause your subscription too, which will allow you to skip months and pick it back up at anytime.


Here are the 5 steps needed to cancel your Ipsy subscription

  1. Log into Ipsy

    Log into your Ipsy account

  2. Account Settings

    Go to account settings and click on membership

  3. Click Cancel Membership

    Click on the cancel membership link. You can also click on contact Ipsy and send a request to support.

  4. Verify Request

    Check your email to confirm your cancellation request


Ipsy Coupons for 2019

Rarely will you find anIpsy coupon code or promo code to use. The beauty box is already reasonably priced. If at any point Ipsy does provide a coupon or promo code, we will update this page accordingly.


Ipsy Shopper

If you want to purchase any of the items you received in your Glam Bag, you can do so in the Ipsy Shopper section.

Again, like the IpsyMatch, you will need to complete a short questionnaire that personalizes the brands you want.

These include: Too Faced, MAC, Smashbox Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Buxom, Sand & Sky, Hey Honey, Glam Glow, Cocoa & Eve, Nomad Cosmetics, Doucce, Nature Lab, APTO Skin Care.

Once you’ve selected the brand you like, the next screen will show the items available for purchase. The Shopper program comes with a discount already applied to each item and a $3 cashback option.


Are makeup items cheaper in the Shopper section?

Some, but not by much. For example, the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara costs $31.00 with Ipsy, or $36.00 at Sephora.

Whereas the Bobbie Brown Crushed Liquid Lip is only $26 at Ipsy and $34 at Sephora.

You will definitely want to price match to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

You can pick up extra deals by click on the Ipsy Offers button. This page is updated daily with significantly reduced items including skin care, makeup brushes right up to complete makeup travel kits.


Can you get IPSY in Canada?

Yes. Ipsy is available to ship to Canada, however their products and subscriptions are billed in USD. Canadian Ipsy box deliveries are scheduled mid-month and delivered by Landmark Global.

How much is IPSY glam bag?

The Ipsy glam bag is $14.95 which includes shipping and handling. In Canadian dollars, this works out to be $20 per month. The Ipsy Glam Bag plus is $25 per month and with shipping and exchange, this works out to $32.50 per month.

What payment methods does IPSY accept?

Ipsy accepts Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Can I buy an IPSY subscription for a friend?

Yes, but Ipsy doesn’t offer a gifting program. Instead, you will need to purchase and set up a new subscription for your friend or relative. Here are the steps: 1. Create a new account for the recipient using an email address you have access to. 2. Complete the beauty profile (don’t worry, the person you are gifting this to can update it at anytime). 3. Choose a monthly or yearly subscription. Yearly subscribers receive 1 month free. 4. Confirm the account via email. Your friend or relative can update their account details including email address at anytime.

Ipsy Glam Bag July 2019

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