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Ipsy Glam Bag July 2019

What’s Inside the Ipsy Glam Bag for July 2019

Ipsy is an inexpensive beauty subscription service delivered monthly at a cost of $10 plus shipping and handling. It’s affordable and gives you a variety of samples to test. If you like the samples, you can purchase the full-size products on their site. 

This review covers the different products for the July bag. The July bag varies from one person to the next, so my review includes only the products we received. 

This is our second Ipsy glam bag and my daughter is in love. I think it took all of 10 minutes before she was downstairs wearing the highlighter. 

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What’s in the July 2019 bag?

The July 2019 Glam Bag includes a new makeup brush as well as sample products such as highlighter, eye-pallet, lengthening mascara, hair serum as well as a new Ipsy makeup bag.

Again, the bags vary so your bag might be slightly different than this one. The breakdown in cost is as follows:

12 Benefits Instant Health Hair – 1.5oz bottle

The 12 Benefits Instant Health Hair comes in a 1.5 oz bottle. The company website states that it is a multi-use leave-in spray specifically designed to help bring back your natural shine eliminating all of the excess chemicals from chlorine, flat ironing, blow-drying and all of the other things we do that leaves our hair stressed. It strips the chemicals and environmental elements from our hair and instead repairs it. 

While its great to replenish hair, you can also use it as a proactive treatment by applying it your hair after the initial colouring, before applying heat products or before jumping in the pool. 

The company website maintains that the product will assist in retaining hair colour 40% longer than without use. We cannot back up this claim or any of the claims made on their website. You will need to be the judge.

12 Benefits Healthy Har - Ipsy July Glam Bag
Value: Full size product retails at $22. The Ipsy glam bag sample size is valued at $5.62

Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara

The Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara from Benefits Cosmetics also comes in a sample size of 3g. The full-sized product is normally 8.5g and is sold by Sephora.

The mascara is intended to provide a full lash lift with super-curling ingredients that will help open your eyes up without the need to apply too much product. The patent-pending wand featuring the “Hock ‘N’ Roll” was uniquely designed with small hooks that help catch, lift and curl every single eyelash – short or long.

The best part – it has a 12-hour hold, meaning you should be able to get through your entire day without reapplying. 

Roller Lash - Super Curling Mascara
Value: The retail value of the full-sized mascara at Sephora is $33.00, the value of the trial size is $3.88.

The Glow-To Highlighter by CIATÉ LONDON

My daughter absolutely loves this product. It was an instant hit, which means we’ll be buying the full-sized version in no time. The full-sized Glow-To Highlighter is 5g and is available at Sephora. The size we received in our Ipsy bag was 2.5g which is pretty good since it’s half the size of the normal product. 

The highlighter adds an illuminating effect and features both shade-shifting and chrome light reflection which creates a smooth, weightless result. The highlighter is free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates. This is a vegan-free product with zero fragrances added. 

Value: The retail price at Sephora for the full-sized highlight is $42.00 which means our Ipsy Glam Bag sample size comes in at a value of $21.00 (SCORE!!)

What’s the Tea Eye Shadow Palette – theBalm

The Tea Eye Shadow Palette from theBalm is a two-in-one primer and eyeshadow. The full-sized palette includes a neutral primer as well as a black primer. The neutral is meant to increase the shades while the black primer is supposed to help create new shades. The shimmering colours can be worn solo or added to other shades to create a new look. The eyeshadow can be used wet or dry to intensify or lighten the colour based on the look you’re going for. 

What's the Tea Eyeshadow - theBlam
Value: The full sized product retails for $27.00 at 3.6g. The July Glam Bag sample size is worth $9.

Luxie Makeup Brush

And finally, the bag included a new makeup brush. There’s nothing overly special about the brush but its definitely nice to have a new one kicking around…just in case.

And here’s the final breakdown in cost vs. value.

  • 12 Benefits Instant Health Hair: $5.62
  • Roller Lash: $3.88
  • Glow-To Highlighter: $21
  • What’s the Tea Eyeshadow: $9
  • Luxie Brush: $10

Total value of the July bag: $49.50.

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