Craft Subscription Boxes

Finding a subscription that ships to Canada or ships in Canada can be difficult, let along a subscription box for crafts. That’s where we come in! 

This page outlines the best craft subscription boxes in Canada. Most offer free shipping, some bill in USD while others bill in CDN but all are available to Canadians.

The products on this page aren’t just for kids. We’ve reviewed knitting and crocheting kits, stationary, scrapbooking and more. If you have a craft-style box that you’d like us to review, please feel free to email us using the form on our contact page. 

What kind of boxes are out there?

Although there are likely hundreds of boxes in this category, only a handful actually ship to or within Canada. These include:

Art kits: Find everything from painting kits to craft supplies. The monthly boxes are relatively cheap in comparison to other kind of subscriptions (think fashion or beauty), but they are loaded with unique crafts and delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Stationary kits: Do you like to write letters? Maybe you like to have fancy paper kicking around in case of an emergency. The stationary boxes on our list range from $9 per month up to $19.99 with free shipping. Each box comes perfectly wrapped with beautifully detailed paper and pens. 

Knitting / Crocheting kits: Knitting and crocheting clubs are back in style. These boxes come with a variety of patterns based on different skill levels and you can even sign up for boxes where you can create afghans, one square per month at a time. The cost varies from $10 per month up to $30. 

Teacher kits: Of course, there is a craft box for teachers. These boxes provide some unique ideas for your students and come in the price range of $15 – $29.99 per month, depending on the box.  

Colouring boxes: Adult colouring books are all the rage and have a therapeutic effect for many adults. These colour subscription boxes are inexpensive, deliver new sheets each and every month along with an assortment of pencil crayons. Prices start at $6 per month. 

Craft kits: Do you enjoy making candles? What about Christmas ornaments? The “craft” boxes are available for a wide range of age groups, right from children to adults and include a new project delivered right to your door by the middle of each month.