Pet Subscription Boxes in Canada

Best Subscription Boxes for Pets in Canda

Our fur babies are our family. We pet them, we sleep with them, we even talk to them as if they understand what we’re saying. They are a huge part of our daily lives and sometimes, we spoil them more than we do ourselves. 

If you’re a pet owner that makes frequent trips to purchase treats, toys and food, you’ll be happy to know that you can now order a subscription box specifically for your fur-baby. 

These boxes are curated for both cats and dogs, giving you exactly what your four-legged friend wants without having to leave the house. 

This page contains reviews for natural cat / dog food and treats, unique collars and apparel and even toys to keep man’s best friend stimulated while you’re at work. 

All of the cat and dog friendly subscription boxes ship to Canada or from within. They are available on a monthly subscription plan or you can opt to skip a month. The choice is yours. 

*Please Note – We are always on the lookout for subscription boxes for dogs and cats that deliver to Canadians. If we’ve missed a box, or you have a company that provides this type of service, please email us. We will only review cat / dog food boxes that contain natural ingredients. *

What is the best monthly dog box in Canada?

This is a subjective question. The best monthly pet subscription box varies based on your needs. Mine could be different from yours. That said, we only list reputable companies on this page and only after we’ve gone through a review process. The kitty / puppy subscription boxes featured on this page have been tested by us. (We actually try them first before giving to our pupper). 

Can you customize boxes?

In most cases, yes! Boxes are customizable. Those that aren’t, typically have a survey so you can curate the box that best fits your needs. 

Types of Pet Subscription Boxes Available

  • Treats: Safe and natural ingredients – sometimes includes organic products. 
  • Toys: From chew toys, to rawhide to catnip filled toys and stuffies. Lots to keep your pet stimulated 
  • Collars & Leads: Ideal for the fashionable pup
  • Grooming Kits: Receive a new grooming tool or product each month. Includes shampoos, nail kits, brushes and more. 

Are the boxes expensive?

Not really. The average box is $19.99 per month. If you visit the pet store once a month for treats / toys, you’re going to spend way more than that. The most expensive box we tried that shipped to Canada was $60 after taking into consideration the cost of shipping and the exchange rate from USD to CDN.

What are the benefits?

  • You don’t need to go out to purchase a new toy or treat. The Canadian boxes are delivered right to your door with the exception being very remote locations. 
  • The boxes contain natural ingredients – none of that filler junk you see in grocery store pet food brands. All foods are free from corn, wheat and soy making it easier on Fido to digest. 
  • Indestructible toys. Well, for the most part, the toys are indestructible since this depends on the breed of dog and habits. While we can’t guarantee that your pupper won’t destroy the toy ever, we can guarantee that it’ll last more than a few days. 
  • Boxes designed for specific breeds. There’s even a box for bulldogs and other strong jawed dogs that are quick to rip apart chew toys. 
  • Receive seeds to grow your own catnip / cat grass.

Can I Order Food Online?

Yes and no. While some of the companies do offer food, it is significantly more expensive to purchase based on the cost of shipping. Not to mention, if they sell-out or no longer carry the product, you have to switch brands which can cause serious stress to your fur babies digestive system. We don’t recommend purchasing food on a subscription plan. 

Are the ingredients natural and safe for my pet?

We have pets too! We refuse to review any snack / treat that we couldn’t eat ourselves. 

Are there any free trials?

No. We haven’t found a free trial for Canadians that ship dog and cat boxes.